• ​​​​​​Working with towns and communities on household hazardous waste days 
  • Working with construction and demolition companies to remove refrigerants from rooftop and chiller units that are being replaced or recycled.
  • Working with HVAC companies when they replace or upgrading existing rooftop air conditioning systems.
  • Interstate Refrigerant Recovery provides services to a wide array of industries and performs refrigerant recovery and recycling jobs big and small.
  • ​Industry leading refrigerant testing lab
  • ​On site chiller dedydration WITHOUT shutting down equipment
  • ​Onsite refrigerant cleaning without shutting down      equipment
  • Walk-in refrigerant testing
  • ​Onsite moisture removal from refrigerant in running chiller
  • Removal of non-condensable gases ie air,nitrogen etc.
  • ​Cleaning ,testing and repackaging all your refrigerant.

Technical Expertise & Quick Service

Many HVAC companies utilize our service in recovering the refrigerant from refrigeration systems that they work on or replace because, as a company specializing in recovery, we can handle the job faster and more economically, allowing companies to use their technicians more efficiently. We specialize in low pressure centrifugal chillers containing R11, R123 and R113; Vaportrans transformers containing R113 as well as high pressure chillers that contain many thousands of pounds of refrigerants.

Our team is Universally Licensed, and equipped  to handle any type and size of equipment containing refrigerants, as well as OSHA 40 hour Hazwopper and OSHA 10 hour certification along with our own rigorous internal refrigerant recovery and recycling certification.

Refrigerant Recovery & Recycling Services include:

Refrigerant Recovery Services EPA CERTIFIcation

Get the job done right the first time without the hassles of dealing with franchisees or contractors who don’t care. We do the actual recovery ourselves and do not franchise or subcontract the work out. WE can offer onsite chiller dedydration and cleaning without shutting down your equipment!we live by our reputation, and you will not get any excuses. You can deal with our owners directly.

Interstate Refrigerant Recovery, Inc. (IRRI) is the leading on-site refrigerant recovery company in the Northeast and Mid Atlantic states