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Typically we have over 30,000 lbs. ready for sale.

Our current stock includes:

R-11 in 100 lb. containers

R-123 in 100 lb. containers

R-22 in 30 lb disposable cylinders and 125 lb cylinders

R-134a in 30 lb disposable cylinders and 125 lb cylinders
R-410a in 25 lb disposable cylinders
R-407c in 25 lb disposable cylinders
If you require refrigerant in 250 or 1,000 lb containers, we can meet your needs.
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Who We Are: Freon recovery

Interstate Refrigerant Recovery, Inc

Interstate Refrigerant Recovery, Inc. (IRRI) is the leading provider of on-site freon refrigerant recovery services in the Northeast.  We provide prompt, superior levels of service to all of our customers from demolition HVAC removal to government contractors. As a fully licensed and insured company, we offer the convenience of self-contained, on-site refrigerant recovery. Our state of the art recovery systems and our professional staff will safely and properly evacuate all of the refrigerants from anything at your facility. 

We take great pride in our computerized record archives, so that if any information is ever lost or misplaced, it can be easily reproduced. We service over 500 towns and communities recycling the refrigerant from appliances dropped off at the transfer stations in nine states. IRRI also works with many construction and demolition companies such as Demco, Turner, LVI, Nasdi, and many others as well as companies such as Sanofi-Avantis, Morgan Stanely, GE, NY Yankees and the US Military.

We can easily handle any questions or concerns that the EPA or other governing parties may have. Our facilities include our new state-of-the art lab, where we are able to test the purity of the recovered refrigerants in each and every tank, thereby maximizing the amount of refrigerants that can be recycled.